Tuesday, September 18, 2012

XD Nation x Shibuya la fashion show.

2 weeks ago~ 
I have helped out my friend Elly with a fashion show.
Helped on hair and makeup.
It was really fun!!!
 All the models was super sexy and cute!
A lot of my friends  was modeling
which made the event even better for me! ;)
Here is few picture I took.
I don't own all of the picture just 
so you guys know, its my friends lovely photo. ;)

My make up on this day.....
 ME in the car about to drive.....which i hate. LOL


  1. oh my gosh, I need to bring my ass up there so I can join y'all in your events. You guys always got something awesome going on.

  2. just finished Shane Kanoa XD Nation music video...think I got u in it! http://youtu.be/6HTEp71jpXU

    Help us spread the word and show what a success this event was!

  3. and if u know any of the other girls help us tag them! I'm on twitter @jeffreylin