Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Event planning and yummies....

Day 6

On this day I had to meet with my friend so we could plan for a fashion show.
Since Kayo was with me ( like always ), I drag her ass with me to the meeting. lol
We had our meeting at.. "AMANDINE" in west LA area. Its a Japanese bakery place!
You know I'm soooo DOWN for that shit!  *3*
 She got to talk to my friend about what she has been doing.
We had a really fun chat with him.
Did some lil business work then eat some wonderful Japanese style cakes!
Aahhh~ HAVEN ~ LOL *^*
I couldn't help my self so after we were done with everything I bought
more pastries for my man and my family.
 Also went out to all you can eat K-BBQ for dinner. ;)
Kayo can EAT!!!! 0___0 No really... Not just drinking but food too!!!
My godd.....That women always surprises me every time.


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