Saturday, August 21, 2010

I NEED NEW EYES!!!!!!!!!! XD lol

I need new EYES!!! XD lol ha ha
No really~I need new eye lenses~
its been over due~ I was thinking about
getting them at Pinkyparadise.
But If any of you guys know any other stores
you want to recommend, just comment me~ oh ya make sure
is cheaper. I don't want to get rip off~

So this is the lenses i was thinking about---->

*Adult Brown

*Barbie King Size Circle Brown

*Geo Olive Wing

*Candy Pink

*Wonder Eye Brown (Super Nudy Brown)

any of you try these before? let me know what you think?
I might get 2 or 3 lenses.....All depends~ n_n


  1. i wear the barbie king brown~~ SUPER comfy and huge! LOVE it. any of the nudy ones feel really scratchy in my eyes so i dont buy them anymore~~

    and pinky paradise has the best lenses for the price IMO. kelly and i were given free lenses from but theyre not very cheap to buy...>.<


  2. Thanks for the info honey~ n_n Ill keep that in i guess no Super Nudy Brown. cool~