Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prisila half wig and bangs came in the mail today !

YAY !!! The Prisila half wig and bangs came in the mail today !!!!!
You dont even know how happy Iam. its like X-mas all over again~
XD I think I need to get more!!! Its like CRACK!!!! LOL
Ok this is the half wig style I got.....

cute and sexy huh?

And this is the bangs I got~

I got both of them in color TMGX.

I need to start looking for the next wig~ lol
This weekend im going to post the pic of me wearing the wig~
I would of took the pic today but, I was to lazy to take pic ~ =P


  1. woow, looks really pretty good, so i hope ur pics wearing it :p i had similar but not prisila but i didnt wear never jejeje.

  2. cool cool !

    are we going to see some pics with your wig then :)?

  3. Kami: you should try it more!!!! I want to see it too!!!!

    Raspberry Jam: Yes , I am ~ this weekend for sure~ like i was saying i was lazy last night~ XD LOL but i will for sure do it!

  4. i wish my wig match my hair color ): i got prisila bangs before when i went overseas but they dont... match at all!!

  5. Wow, incredible how Prisila wigs are so natural. I want to have some someday!!

  6. Mint: my hair doesn't match either, But i cover my real hair~ you cant even tell~ n_n everything covers~

    Jade:Iknow!!!! I love how the hair looks like~ really GOOD~ You should get it someday~ n_n