Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outfit for ALOHA GAL-IFORNIA !!!!

YAY!!! This Saturday is the ALOHA GAL-IFORNIA !!!!
hosted by us diamond gals!!!! n_n And Featuring Tune In Tokyo!
We are celebrating for KIRA☆KIRA'S 1ST ANNIVERSARY!!!
Anyone is welcome to come and any ages too!!!!! n_n

So don't miss out on this event!!! For more info:

Anyways lats Sunday i went to the mall to fine me a outfit for the
ALOHA GAL-IFORNIA ~ OMG~ It was so hard to find ANY SUMMER
OUTFITS!!!!! most of the summer item was all GONE!!!! 0.O
I had to go to the sales item to fine me a summer dress.....
I looked ALL OF the DAME place~ >.> And FINALLY I found what i
was looking for~ it was a mission~ X.x Glad i found it~ n_n

The real price was $27.90 BUT I GOT IT FOR $ 14.99!!!!!!
I cant not get any happier ;D HELL YA!!!!!!! LOL

I also sometime last week i went to the mall with Mie
and bought fall/winter outfits.......
I wish i could wear it now but IT BEEN SOOO Fuck'n HOT!!
LIKE WTF???? WHY WHY WHY?????? O.o? I want
fall to be here NOW !!!! Im done with summer~ >.<>

Went to the Krispy kream !!!! yummy in my tummy~XD


  1. Love your outfit! *___* I'd totally wear it myself!
    Hot in CA?! Please give me some of it! It's too cold too soon here! T___T

    Krispy Kreme is reakin' delicous!<3

  2. Your blog is really nice. Like the outfit!
    Krispy Kreme is dangerous! I just wanna go and buy a whole dozen and eat them all at once

  3. Rebecca ~ ya its REALLY HOT!!!!! no joke on that one~ >.> too hot~Krispy Kreme is the best!!!
    ☆ 穣 ☆~ aaww thanks honey~ i try to make my blog fun to look at i need to deco the page tho~ ill need to ask my friend to help me cuz i SUCK!!!! XD lol oh and yes Krispy Kreme is way too good!!!! >.<


  5. Amber:You know what miss.... MR.DOUNUTS!!!XD