Monday, August 30, 2010

Aloha-Galfornia pictures~

I would like to Thank all of you for those were able to attend to the Aloha-Galfornia !!!
Couldn't done this with out all of you guys!~ n_n Also most thanks to "KIRA KIRA SHOP",
"Tune In Tokyo" AND "DIAMOND GALS" You guys are always there for us and sporting us!
The night was a blast! I had so much fun meeting new ppl and friends.
I took SOOOOOOOOOOOO many purikura~ X_x LOL with every one in the party~
Now that the Aloha-Galfornia is over~ Us diamonds need to start planing a new event again~
Its like a never ending planning~ XD I have soo many IDEAS !!!!!!!
I CANT WAIT for are up coming events !!!!! >3<

Iam just going to post few pic from the event. I have way too many~ so feel free
to go Facebook or Myspace to see the rest of it. n_n

Now purikura time!!!


  1. oh good, u all are way too cute to be true ;__________;!
    cali totally rules!
    ur flowers in the hair are looove :< !!
    and u got boys... boys with hot hair. xD

  2. LOL thanks for the comment YURI!!!
    ya we got hot boyz~ XD come and get some!!! XP

  3. Everyone is so pretty ~ this party seemed to be so fun ! ^^

  4. Thanks Tommy~ it was really fun~ come join us next time honey! and have fun with us! n_n

  5. Woow, everyone look so cute! I saw your blog on LJ, gonna follow now. ♥♥

  6. Thanks Princess Raphaella ... too sweet!
    ill add you too!!!!

  7. u girls are just fucking amazing!!!
    I love diamond gals!!!

  8. THANKS Hiki!!!!! we all love you too!!!!! like CRAZY!!!!! *3* hope to meet u soon!!!!