Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I take too much puri !!!!

I take too much purikura!!!! >.< like its not even a joke~
I want a purikura machine in my house !!!! XD LOL
That would be hella cool!!!! I would take one everyday~
ha ha ha or have my own purikura shop~ maybe......
I would have to research !!! >.>

Let me know if anyone would want to exchange purikura!?
I have TONS that i want to give away~
comment me if you want to~so we could exchange address~n_n

Anyways here is some new purikura i took last 2 weeks~


  1. I wish we had Purikuri here :( If we had i would be use them all the time too.
    Very cute purikuri's btw ^^

  2. i love purikura too !! loves painting on it :))

  3. I love all your purikuras, so cute!!
    I wish I could have some so we could exchange!!

  4. Jade...I could still give it to u....n_n
    Thanks every one for the nice comments.

  5. Michiii!!! Lets exchange please :)

  6. your purikura machines are so much better than here in finland!! ;___; XD

    but yeah, these are really cute and so are you!♥

  7. you and shiena is so pretty !
    your hair is flawless, how'd you do it?!

  8. Woow so cute ! I love these purikuras a lot! Sunshines ~