Wednesday, September 15, 2010

crazy busy weeks!!!

Wow~ It been really busy weeks~
I guess its a good thing~ anyways for the first time i met
Shannon from BT!!! she stop by L.A. before she went to Tokyo~
cool person! glad we met~ n_n cant wait to meet again~

Then there was Tokyo style...It was the shit!!!! Really FUN!!!!
I had so much fun with my gals and guys. We all dance are ass off like crazy...

it was really crazy night! WE saw DJ Ami Suzuki and DJ Mayumi !!! they were so good.
Sooo HAPPY!!!! *3*

Sweet Streets was nice! really cute fashion show with lil dance in them~
after the event went out to dinner. which was nice cuz we got the chance to chat with
the gals we met for the first time~ really lovely people~


  1. Awesome! Looks like you all had a fun time .. <3 :D

  2. You gals look super FAB! and you know I always love your make-up:D

  3. I did had awesome time!!! Thanks Maria.
    And thanks dokiri....I would do your make if u live near me.