Sunday, January 23, 2011

My week...GANTZ,Jay Leno,Robert Pattinson & make up .

I saw GANTZ the world premiere on Thursday in City Walk. I Really loved it! It was nice~ Too bad it wasn't in Japanese would of been WAY~ better i think~ >.> but it still kick ASS tho!!! I cant wait to see in Japanese! I know its going be alot better! And also I CANT WAIT to see the next ONE!!! Im soooo excited! *3*

Ohhhh and before the movie, we were walking around in city walk looking at stuff and GUESS WHO I SAW ???? Jay Leno !!! XD LOL so random. ha ha I guess he was interviewing some lady for his show ~ So i snap some pic! He is soooo COOL! ha ha

this one i took~

Talk about famous people~ I was suppose to post this pic a while ago~ but my mom met Robert Pattinson in person !!!! soo fuck'n LUCKY!!!!!!!! *0* he came to my moms work to eat ramen! ha ha I guess he likes ramen ... That lil Japanese women next to Robert Pattinson is my mom !!! XD She said he was with 2 other friends. and when she ask him if he was Robert Pattinson he said in the shy way and smiled and said YES~ ha ha too cute~ I could soo picture that~ she said he was really nice.n_n Where I live, I seen so many famous ppl often. Its so crazy.

This might be nasty for some of you.... but last night my boy friends cousins came over the house just to hang out... Anyways~His cousin got Persimmon off the tree and decided to eat it. He could finish the Persimmon so he left the Persimmon on the table. My pervert boyfriend pointed out that the left over Persimmon looked like women s vagaina !!!! XD LOL Which it did.... So they decided to pretend to play with it! too fuck'n funny and nasty~ XD
This is
Persimmon if you dont know what fruit it is....

I KNOW !!!!! ITS SICK!!!!
but i had to post this cuz its REALLY FUNNY!

Stuff i got this weekend~ n_n man.. I LOVE MAKE UP!

Just me~ n_n


  1. OMG! I love the things you bought (*W* ) Soo nice ne! And the tomato is very, well lets call it...smexy xD Wow your mam is a lucky women ne! I love your make up ne so cute! very cute ne :P

    xoxo emimarie~

  2. Everybody saw GANTZ except for me!! T__T I'm glad to hear that it was good though, despite the fact that they dubbed over the Japanese.

    And omg, your mom met Robert Pattinson?! She looks so cute in that photo. ♥ I remember you telling me that a lot of famous people go to the ramen place she works at... You gotta take me there sometime! Lol!

    Awesome buys, btw! You look hot in that last photo, as usual! ♥

  3. OMG Michi you're so lucky haha!

    Wow so many new buys, omg where did you get the dollywink mascara?!?!?!? *steals*

    You're always so stunning!

  4. You and your man are soooo funny! XD

    I want to meet Jay Leno!!! :O

  5. EMi MARiE
    thanks honey! ya my lucky mom~ damn her!!! LOL

    Tricia Isabela
    ya~ ill take you to the ramen shop!!!! let so some times~

    I got it some where city of industry.. for got the name~ Ill need to ask around for the name~ its a lil makeup shop.

    yes we r funny~ thats what we dooo~ XD LOL
    lets so see the Jay Leno show!!!!!!! XP

  6. You're oh so pretty e _e ♥

    Man, that's one of the reasons why I want to move around that area. So I can see celebrities xD I'm not a big fan girl of anyone but it'd be neat seeing them in person.

    And EL OH EL, online somewhere there's this long post of pictures that look like genitalia xDDD Vegetables and fruit xD

  7. Lorina
    >.> YOU SHOULD COME OUT HERE!!!!you know the office the show? they film near my house too.... and alot of the movies~ n_n COME COME!!!! Ill show you around!! =P ha ha ha...
    Ohhh and really???? Genitalia Vegetables and fruit online!!!??? I HAVE TO SEE THIS!!! XD LOL

  8. When did your mother meet Robert Pattinson ?