Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gyaru Glitter make up :D

Yesterday was my day off for both of my jobs. So I had some free time to play with make up a lil.
I get inspired by Cocona All the time. If you don't know who she is, she is a gyaru AV model.

She got some SEXY ASS GYARU MAKE UP every time , EVEN if she in porn doing her thang ~
She is MY TOP #1 favorite GAL for sure! I call that a REAL street gyaru ! :) She is the BEST ! *3*

Since I was inspired by her i did some make up with colors.
I usually do have glitter every time but ...this time I added more glitter ! n_n sorry guys ...
I was going to post the make up I used but, I didn't have time so next time .
MY BAD......U.U
Now my pictures...I know i look really bad next to Cocona ..XP


  1. DAMN GIRL!!!!
    you're writing my dreams blog hun ^^
    i want to try her eye make as I buy new makeup tools
    I'm not satisfied with the eyepencils and liquid eyeliners I got at the moment....i geryotta get one with very fine tip and gel ones -____-

  2. Oo i love cocona ! she is definitely a street gyaru! and i love the glitter look on you michi! yours looks way better than cocona's too! your eye makeup is my fave ~ i wanna try the style you did , if that's ok!

  3. Ow your makeup is amazing!!!
    I love your style ^^

  4. OMG !! I really really love your make up !!! love your eye make up = D so attractive XDXDXD

    what brand of the bottom eyelashes you use ? pretty = D

  5. Cocona is fucking hot and so are you, perfect gyaru make up!

  6. Dont say you don't look good compared to Cocona at all because it's not true!! In fact I like the eyelashes you used much better than the ones she uses, and I think your eyeshadow is much more skillful and blended. This sort of eye makeup looks so good on you, and you did a great job^^/

  7. ☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆
    Thanks honey that u like my blog~ Im trying to do my blog everyday or often at least.=P I have tons of eyeliner so ill post it which one would be good.

    DO THE MAKE UP!!!! you should really try honey!I cant wait to see yours~ >3<

    awww thanks my love...... you r too sweet. you should try that style too!

    thanks honey! the brand of the bottom eyelashes
    are not a japanese brand tho Chinese i think? Awin its the name.comes with 10 of them. and the bottom lash is not for bottom lash.its for the top but i use it for the bottom XD ill post the box what i use next time n_n

    Anna Crystal
    I know~Cocona is the bad ass!!! *3* and thanks honey for the lovely comment.

    You think so???? maybe cuz she had the better face or something~ XD BUT THANK YOU HONEY!!!!! you too sweet!!!!!

  8. OMG you are the cutest thing ever! It's like a cloud of glitter is following you :) Love this look!



  9. I love your make up! seriously it sweets you so much! and love those false eyelashes!!!
    you know how to do it!!!

  10. Michi!!

    Love that glitter!!! I think that make-up looks fabulous on you. Now I'm inspired to try something like this, hahaha.

  11. I love it :) I would love to see a tutorial on this look!

  12. OMG! I love your Cocona look! sooooo cuteee! How did you do that look :( I try it and it didn't come out like that ne! :((( omg man!

    xoxo emimarie~

  13. I never really liked Cocona's face like that... I think she has the worst facial expressions, I only like her body, and then the neck-up it's like NO LOL

    I do like glittery makeup though, your makeup looks cute :3 I was trying to work with glitter not too long ago, but I didn't do it quite rite.. I was using a glitter gel from Victoria's secret, I gotta figure out how to make it work xD

  14. Hardcore Makeup Junkie
    awww thanks honey too sweet...next time MORE GLITTER!!!! XD LOL haha

    Thanks you so much honey! n_n

    honey~ you should really do it!!!! next time we hang out We could do it on you!!!! cant wait to see it in you~ n_n

    NEXT time for sure~ it was lil late and top of that i was lazy...lol so for sure next time! glad you like it tho~ thanks!

    EMi MARiE
    Dont dorry honey ill try to video my self soon how i did it! n_n I know you could do it you just need to practice! 0.~

    Just practice!!! I know you will find a way! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! *0* he he he ill do a video soon! Maybe i could help~n_n

  15. Guurrll...you look awesome! You have mad skills! You and Cocona inspire me. I had actually planned on going out and buying some glitter eye make up.

  16. Wow, your eye make-up looks perfect! I thought the eye close-ups were pictures of Cocona! xD You always do such amazing make-up, Michi! ♥

  17. Osakabrownsuga
    Thnaks honey I been doing make up since 12 yr...>.> its all about practice ! that's for sure~XD

    Tricia Isabela
    Thanks honey bunny!!! I WANT TO DO YOUR MAKE UP one day... just to play~ LETS DO IT!!!! *0*

  18. Hey Hun,
    what did you use for the glitter???
    I really wanna try that !!!

  19. I like your make-up way better then cocona's! You just inspired me to do some glittery make-up as well! XDD <3

  20. Love your make up,i like it better then Cocona :D