Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YAY!!! Planning to Visit Nihon this summer~

Anyways..... I'm GOING TO JAPAN this summer again !!! *3* YAY!!!! We would most likely go there ...middle of Aug ish~? Something like that.. I'm still planning and soon try getting the tickets. I know I want to do TONS of shit there... Need to save TONS of money so I could shop like crazy!! For sure I'm going to Hokkaido cuz I have family lives out there. n_n And Tokyo cuz of my friends! Hopefully Osaka too... I cant wait to go~I was wondering WHO IS planning to go to Japan near Aug. ish? Maybe we could hang out or a gal meet? should be so much FUN! Now I need help with something. I need to find a place to stay in Tokyo area .It could be a apartment, hotel, guess house, friends house or hostel. Don't matter . I guess its all depends? But let me know if you know a good place! And one more thing I need help with is.... Where should I go???? I have some ideas but I want to see If any of you guys have any cool places for me to go. Maybe there is a place that I never knew it existed? SO give me some IDEAS PLZ!!! n_n

1) Whos going to Japan near Augest?
2) A place to stay in Tokyo or at least near Tokyo . Osaka too maybe. n_n
(It could be a apartment, hotel, guess house, friends house or hostel.)
3) FUN place to go out to....


P.S. I took this pic last time when I was in Japan. =P


  1. Sooo lucky ! Im planning going to korea this summer :3

  2. Cool!!!!! have a wonderful time in Korea~ n_n

  3. I heard that khaosan is pretty good, but you only are able to stay for 2 weeks. I think it came to like 500 and some change for 2 weeks. http://www.khaosan-tokyo.com/en/samurai/

  4. Michiko~ AWW thank you SOOO much for the help honey! Sooo sooo thankful! n_n Ill look at it now!

  5. i'm planning to Japan on March @_@

    I heard Khaosan is pretty good. But if you'd like Private bathroom. At Khaosan tokyo kabuki have it . =D

    For the Hotel, Chisun Hotel is Ok. they have special promotion if you book the room early. It locate near the UENO station :) it's really convenient :).

    hope enjoy the trip ^^

  6. I'm going back to Japan in the summer after I finish school, I'll only be doing my thesis so when I finish is when I finish haha. Hopefully I will be there in August, and we can plan another big meetup!

  7. noonpuppet~aww thast really sson that u going to Japan! Have tons of fun honey! I know you will...

    Sara mari~ OMG!!! yay!!!! good luck with your school and hope i see you in Japan! we could def do big gal meet!!!! cant wait! >.<

  8. how long you staying? i'm planning to go around end august~september? but not sure yet!
    i want to meet you!!!

  9. Kei~ WE SHOULD SOOOOOOOOOO MEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to meet chu too dear~ U.U I might be going around end of Aug to Step too.... but still not sure when ill message you ones i know! lets go at the same time if we can!

  10. ah!! i'm going august 1-18th!! also, www.bedycasa.com is a great place to find cheap places to stay :]

  11. I'll most likely go to Japan again to stay for 1 - 3 months this summer! I'll be staying at Sakura House apartments, if I can't find anything that's cheaper than that. Might even bunk into one of those guest houses. I would totally LOVE to meet other western gals in Japan~~ ^__^!