Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party

Hey who's gong to the
Cali Jammin' night & ANAP
Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party
this Friday?

Cali Jammin' X ANAP Los Angeles presents

" ANAP Los Angeles Web Site Launch Party "
Celebrating Store 5 Year Anniversary!
February 25th 2011 Friday Night
@ J restaurant l lounge Open: 9PM /
21 + with ID required / guest list close at 10:30PM

*Free Goods Give Away"
*photo Booth

Fashionable AttireNO T-shirts,
Tennis Shoes, Baggy clothes, Cap and Athletic wear
Except for Yukata (This time only)

Guest List...
Simply response our invitaiton
Make sure your status as " Attneding "
or we will not put your name on the list.
More INFO on this event....

DJ Barbie is going to be there!!!! I want to meet her!!!
She is a Japanese Fashion Icon. She is so cute!
Her site...

Some of us gal are planning to go~
Let me know If anyone would like to join us!

Im so exicted!!! *3* cant wait!!!! what should i wear tho????
Fuckkkkkkkkkk~ =0= No IDEA~


  1. Dang, too bad I'm under 21 (*゜―゜) know? I didn't know L.A. had an ANAP store, hahaha!

    I'm sure you'll look hoottt as alwayys.

  2. I love your blog !
    i am a new follower : D

    I really like your style !

  3. Mint
    Fo SHO!!!!!!!!!!!! *3*

    Really I thought you were~ how old r u?
    And ya ANAP USA been out here for a long time
    now~ you should go sometimes~ n_n

    Suzu's Blog
    Thanks for follow...Im a New follower to you
    too!!!! thanks so much honey!

  4. You know I'll be there!! I'm so excited! :3 Finally all play and no business~ ♥

  5. Tricia Isabela
    I KNOW RIGHT~ Cant wait to party with you!!!!
    See you tonight my love!