Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OMG !!!! TSUBASA twitter ABOUT US !!!!!!! *0*

OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS this REAL LIFE?
I cant believe that Tsubasa Twitter about us!
SOOOO SHOCKED ! *0* You dont even know~
I died just now..... And came back to life~ LOL

She said something like ....
To everybody that is in galiforna!
I didn't get to see the show but, I'm really thankful that you guys know me even from America~
I really appreciate it.Thank you so much! Would love to meet you guys someday~

The Link...
♥Tsubasa Masuwaka♥

Anyways I decided to Reply to that .....
Basically I said...
We had just saw the message and we are
very happy that you message us! Thank you so much
for your inspiration. Hope we will met you some day.

This from all us!

This is really crazy~ Who knew this would happen?


  1. I dont read japanese :( What did she write ?
    But its pretty awesome anyways. Congrats XD

  2. WHAT DID SHE WRITE?! I'M SO BLOODY JEALOUS!!! You're so lucky! ^_^

  3. oops. sorry guys~ she said something like....
    To everybody that is in galiforna!
    I didn't get to see the show but Im really thankful that you guys know me even from America~ I really appreciate it. Would love to meet you guys someday~
    Sorry guys im not good at reading kanji so i would need to ask my friend just to make sure~

  4. OMG so lucky!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!! ^o^

  5. Yeaah!! I saw this on your facebook!!! That's so sweet that she tweeted you guys!! ъ(`―^)

  6. Congrats!! you guys deserve it after all the hard work you went through for the diamond events ^^

  7. gooo diamond gals :D Im soo happy for you gals! You gals are the best ne :D

  8. Tsubasa is like a goddess & every tweet from her is like a blessing! No joke.

    She's just so omg she's fricken awesome! First she tweets ekimura & not you gals! *jealous*


  9. Wow! You guys totally just made front headlines with that one :D

  10. my goodness tsu-chan???maji??!!!?? *_* I envy all of you so much!!!! ^_^ congrats!! you are a great gyaru I love your style <3

  11. How awesome!!! I sure hope she visits the US *_*

  12. awwweee this is sooo amazing♥♥♥
    tsubasa was really sweet to tweet that * O *
    congrats to you gals~!!

  13. I was really hoping she would see it!
    She needs to visit you guys now :D

  14. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comment! I really hope she does visit U.S. soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IF I see her in person...........ohhhhhhh man.................dont get me started! LOL HA HA

  15. Omg that's so awesome that she would say that!! And that she would like to meet you guys!! :D

  16. lani love♥
    I KNOW!!!!!!!!! *3* Sooooooooooo HAPPY!!!! thanks honey for the comment!

  17. She is SOOOO sweet! I twittered her a few months ago, saying she is a huge inspiration to many foreign gals, and she lots of fans in the US, and she replied saying she was shocked and really wanted to come here and meet her sisters ;D She also complimented my hat *0* and asked me to trade with her LOL

    I want to meet her IRL ;A; so sweeeet..

  18. miyabi-na
    OMG long time no see? how u been honey? !!!! anyways..... i really hope i meet her some day~ U____U

  19. Ah that's sooo coooooool! :D:D i'm happy for you! ^^