Sunday, March 27, 2011

Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Green (

Hey hey!!!! sorry took long to post on my blog~ U__U
I have been really busy~
Anyways...Like on my last blog I told you guys
I was chosen for a sponsorship from
I gotten 3 lens form them with my choice~ n_n
So Im going to review one of the lenses.
Today im going to review ...

Japan Barbie Eye Diamond Green


Brand:Barbie Eye
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 17.5mm
Water Content : 48%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Ok... this lens is HUGGGGEEEE!!! Really really big! which I like~n_n
This lens has very dramatic look! Not natural at all~
Its gives a kira kira watery look in your eyes. It really beautiful *3*
It really makes your eyes stand out and POP out !
It even pops out, indoor and night time.
The Diamond on the lens ,makes it super crazy look to it.

The color is like "WOW" really beautiful ! no joke~
Really bright, even tho my eyes are super dark brown
to the point it looks black . Its crazy how the color still shows
really nicely. n_n It has light green and dark green in this lens.
Beautiful GREEN ever~

At first.... It was not too conffy~ But after like 5min....
it was fitting my eyes nicely. Then later you don't even notice.
I think its cuz its REALLY REALLY HUG
The diameter 17.5mm so I guess it makes since
why it was acting like that at first. Even if it was huge, im
surprise that its still conffy. You just have eye drop
and you should be just fine. n_n I don't have sensitive eyes
at all so maybe that's why too? SO I guess depends on the
peoples eyes~But not bad at all....n_n

With out make up. Left eye with lens and right eye with out.

With heavy green/gold make up.

With natural colors makeup.

Thank you so much Shoppingholic for the Lens


  1. Love the contacts!! And your makeup is amazing with that color lens, Michi ^-^b

  2. this lenses look amazing on you!

  3. Daniela
    THanks honey!!! I love the contacts too!
    thanks for the sweet comment honey ~

    Awwwwwwwww thank you so much~ That's is way too sweet! n___n

  4. wow! they definitely are huge! ^3^ it looks great on you though! i love the dramatic effect <333

  5. geez they are gigantic!!ヾ(′∀`o)ノ OMG, love them!! they suit you so well ヾ(*´・ω・`*) ❤

    have you ever wore diameter 15mm lenses?

  6. Such interesting contacts! The pattern is so unique :D

  7. Diamond lens for Diamond gal! LOL

    These look fucking hot though ♥

  8. I love the jewel design of it, everything that looks like diamonds and jewels is beautiful! I am also really inspired by your makeup - I love how you experiment with different colors!

  9. Dang i was actually looking at these and was trying look for pics of people wearing it. Thanks!!!

    Would you think its natural looking? or just one of those OTT kind of lenses? T~T

  10. Looks very cool ^^
    Very beautiful eyes <33

  11. oh damn hella sexy! you pull of green so well!!

  12. they look really cool! i don't know this brand... do you know if they come with prescription too? it's so lame that a lot of the nice circle lense brands don't do prescription... but i'm so blind i need it!!

  13. karisuma gyaru
    prescription....??? I was looking at the web site~ and sadly they don't right now~ U____U sucks~sorry~ hope it come out soon~

    natural looking? umm not really... its more dramatic than natural~

  14. さらまり
    aww thanks honey! I love playing with different make up and colors~ n_n

    thanks sexy lady!!!! *3*

    aww too sweet~ thanks honey!

    LOL ha ha right!!!???? I made that lens ,u know it~ XD ya right ha ha i wish~

    I know i was saying that too~ love it!

    I have wore diameter 15mm lenses before~ how come u ask? I think the last lens review~??? need to go back and see... forgot~ LOL XD

    aww thanks my dear~ too sweet!

  15. parenting articles
    Thanks!!! you should get it too! n_n you will love them~

  16. I def have to try those! They look adorable on you!

    O yaaaa btw, I awarded you a stylish blogger award ;) check the link for details if you have the time<3 Taaaanks!

  17. hey michi you wanna do a link exchange with me?
    anyways come do my makeup!! I <3 U SIS!!