Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dr. Seuss's Birthday!!!

This weekday I been busy with work helping out
for a Dr. Suess day~
In March 2nd is the Dr. Seuss's Birthday!!!
Since its his b-day National Education Association
urge us to participate in the second annual
Read Across America and read to a child.
So I did some fun activity with the kids at work~ n_n

Made some BIG banner for the school
It was also science fair day~

We made some hats....

the background I made~ :P

The kids.....n_n


  1. First time on your blog hehe ^_^
    This is soo cute! The props are adorable, remindsme of my childworking days T__T <3

  2. Daniela:
    Hello!!!Thanks for the follow!!! Its nice to meet you honey! And thank so much for the lovely comment! Anyways.... I know what you mean....U__U I feel the same way~ XP Miss my childhood days too~

  3. It's nice to meet you too, Michi :) and youre very welcome!

    Those were definitely care-free days back then lol.

  4. Awh cute, that looks like such a fun thing to put together. I have all the Dr. Seuss books XD

  5. さらまり
    awww you still have all the books~lucky~ *3*
    Ill get some when i have Kids then~ :P