Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review on " I fairy Sakura pink Lens "

Review on " I fairy Sakura pink Lens "

This eye lens I bought it off my friend Cass
cuz, I guess she had some extra one.
So I didn't buy it at the web store, just so you know.... n_n

I fairy Sakura pink
Power: 0-850
Water content: 55%
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable
Power Range : 0 ~ 850 Degree
Made by sB, Made in Korea

It really makes your eyes look HUGE and pop out cuz the
black ring around the pink! It give your face sweet dreamy look.

On my eyes it does have a light pink color.
I have like the most darkest brown eyes in the world!
(feels like at least~) To the point it look just like black!
I'm guess depend what color eyes you have it could be any kinds of pink shades.
I think in doors the color could be less pink ish....
it has like light purple/pink look. But I could still see a the pink with this lens.
n_n I like how its "natural pink" shade color. If that even makes any scene...
lol its not like a Anime pink eyes....XD

Its really conffy~ n_n If you going to wear it all day,
maybe a lil eye drop would help u feel so conffy all day long since its a big lens~

Left eyes: With lens Right eyes: With out lens
Sorry my eyes look stupid on this pic cuz , I was smiling a little.
So I was squinting my eyes. lol
Pic with out make up.

Close up of my eyes with out make up with the lens.
With flash.

With flash, with lens and with light make up.

Zoooom.....close up.

Indoor,No flash, with lens and with light make up.

With flash,with lens and with HEAVY make up.

Outside, NO flash, with lens and with heavy makeup.

Ohhhh P.S. And yes I took all these picture.


  1. OOooo I like! It's even prettier with the makeup!
    I don't know why, but I look very...weird when I wear my pink contacts, but others look so good!

  2. We have the someones, but the only thing different is your is pink my is grey :) well I cant see my grery because my eyes are green but love the look michi chan! just love it!

    xoxo emimarie

  3. Oh lordy lord, these lenses are sooooo cute (I love that style, like the Candy lenses) and they look just absolutely beautiful on you! Argh! And both your light and heavy makeups are so well done, really love both styles. Also you natural eyeshape is great! Ok, now I sound like a butt-kiss XD

    PS. Will you have some more info on the Disney meet (like hotels, times, etc) My plans for Japan have changed due to the disaster TT

  4. Yayy, I was waiting for you to post pics up of it :D These lenses remind me of the Beaucon Jewel Pink ones, they're similar-ish.

    End result for the makeup complements the color nicely.

  5. grace
    ya? you sure???? i would think it would be the same no??? anyways thanks for the comment!!!! n_n

    thanks honey!!!! i try~ U_U

    EMi MARiE
    Yo do have the gray ones huh??? i have the brown one and now pink ones too..... yay!!! miss ya!

    u r not kissing thing girl~ LOL XD you r just sweet like that~ thats all... n_n OHH and abot the event!!!! Ill get the info ASAP!!!! OMG!!! I WANT TO SEE YOOOOOUUUU!!!! *0*

    Oh ya???? I want to see it!!!! you should do a review too!!! and thanks honey for the sweet comment!

  6. The last picture is really awesome <3 the color of the contacs are so cute ~

  7. Those contacts are super cute! I was thinking about getting some myself eventually...

    Oh what eye lashes are you using in the last picture? :O They are gorgeous!

  8. so cute! cant wait to see them in person ;D

    what are the bottom lashes you're using for the heavy make-up? i love them!

  9. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally
    LOVE this one Michiii <333

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