Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cute & Pink Hello Kitty Wine~

So last weekend I went out to Japanese stores with my mom and my man.
Went to the Marukai Market. I was walking near the liquor section .
And I spotted something pink near the wine section.
Then I saw a cute ass Hello Kitty Wine!!! OMG~
I was like..... OHHhhhh HELL NO~ I need to get this!!!! *0*
LOL ha ha ha Since Im trying to save money , I was lil
unsure if I should get itor not......Cuz the price was like $35.oo something~
U__U Then my man walk near me
and he saw me hold the wine REALLY HARD~ XD
Soo....I guess my man felt bad and he wanted to buy it for me~
That was really sweet of him~ T__T THANK YOUUU BABY!!!!
Anyways I don't think I am going to open it~ even tho I want to try it.
I just want to collect this... maybe I will get a another one just to try
it soon....I really want to try it REALLLLYYY BADDDD .T0T

Link for this cute wine~ Hello Kitty Wine!!!

So I took some picture so you guys could see.... n_n
At the Marukai market.
LOOK AT IT!!!! It was calling ME!!!! I cant say NO to this!!! LOL

Close up of the wine..."Angel and Devil."

I end up buying the Angel one cuz it was the cheapest. U__U
I wanted the devil one tho..... I think that one was lil stronger too..
It was dark wine for the devil.


  1. COOL! I wonder what it tastes like... ♥

  2. Eden
    Right!????? Feel you on that...U_____U LOL
    I NEED to know!!!! *0*

  3. shinibana
    Get it if it make you happy~lol
    it did to me~ I look at it everyday....ha ha so cute and pink......

  4. Keep it in a dark place so it doesn't expire! You can age it (haha)

  5. Mint
    LOL funny that you said that... cuz I DID~ LOL XD its nice and safe... ha ha ha

  6. Waaa.. Cute!!!! I dunno.. I feel like i'll start drinking by myself everyday in my bedroom if I own these hahaha!!... damn I miss L.A! Especially Little Tokyo >.< I keep thinking about the Sushi and the Market where I can just grab on the go Onigiris >.< lol anyway. You asked me about decoden stuff.. Check out this link ^^

  7. Berrii Rowie Pop
    Use to live here?????
    anyways Will I see u and meet chu!!! U___U
    soon soon~ Ill take you to all those places when u come! OHH and thanks for the link for the deco!!!

  8. It tasted FANTASTIC. When I saw it I knew I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised :D.
    Where have you guys seen it?
    I had to buy it online at