Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens Review ( Shoppingholics )

Today I will be reviewing the...
EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens
I bought it at Shoppingholics like always....
They are really helpful and nice....
And top of that, they hook me up !!! *3* he he
Cant go wrong with that..... n__n Thanks Shoppingholics!!!

EOS Adult Violet Circle Lens
Brand: EOS
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

This lens stands out a lot cuz... its a bright Violet even if
you have dark eyes like me. 14.0mm so its not as big but
still bigger than my real eye pupil. This lens give the soft look
which is nice~ n_n Its gives some what a natural look even tho Violet
is NOT a natural color~

I really love them... its so far my favorite Violet color lens. *3*
Its really bright violet. Its really a cute color. For sure this color
is purple on the eyes!

This lens is really comfortable! I could wear it all day and it would be just fine.
Its 14.0mm so its not as big so its even more comfortable then the other big lens.
Conffy conffy conffy. LoL

With out make up. Right eye with lens.

Right eye with lens and natural color make up.

Both with lens and purple make up.


  1. Oh wow! They look so great! I'm always afraid to try colors like violet or pink or something, because I have such light colored eyes, I think it will look weird haha but it looks lovely on you! it matches so wonderfully with the purple eyeshadow :) my favorite!

  2. omg these lenses looks really good on you!
    I wouldn't thought that these look so good on reall dark eyes! * v *

  3. wow, looks so fantastic!!
    I love purple lenses!

  4. I have found your blog and I love it :) I'm metting this gyaru world... and I like it! You have got so much style:)

  5. those lenses look amazinnggg on youuu!! love the colour! also can you do an eye make-up tutorial I love your eye make-up to death!

  6. Ohh you look so good with tis lens!
    I love the color.

  7. The lens look great! Amazing color!!! ^-^

  8. I love them! >.< Man I need to get my eyes measured so I can wear them

  9. Ah, really pretty! ~1 week ago I ordered the Eos Adult Violet from the NEW Adult series, it was such a hard decision which ones to buy. But someday I'm definitely gonna buy these too <3 very helpful review!

  10. The lens are awesome I love it ^ ^ It is so dramatic and i like th effect

  11. I love those lenses!
    Your eye make-up is amazing!

  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comment!!! too sweet!
    And Saskia ....welcome to gyaru WORLD!!!! its going to rock your world for sure~ n_n

  13. OMG, those lenses produce such a good color change! Like you know how usually most lense colors will only change your eyes a little bit if your eyes are really dark.


  14. They look gorgeous! I wouldn't expect them to look as good as they do! Wow!

    I love your lashes, too. Are you using regular upper lashes on the bottom? How are they so big? :D

  15. they're so pretty they look really natural even for violet lenses~
    your eye makeup is so amazing!! i wish i had your length for bottom lashes ><

  16. waa violet is so pretty! and i noticed your lower lashes are naturally really really looongg *_* <3 i am jealous lolol!

  17. Wooow I love the way they look on you! *0* It definetly makes me want them! XD

  18. I just love this lens, I've loved it since forever haha XP It really is so vivid! It stands out really well on your eyes, and I think for an unnatural color, it doesn't look too fakey ^^

  19. wonderful eye make up ! you deserve your gaijin gal award !!!
    by the way are you living in tokyo now ?
    please answer on