Thursday, April 21, 2011

"POP PUNK / POP IDOL" Event !!!

Last night....I went to the "POP PUNK / POP IDOL"
Hosted by Tune in Tokyo at Royal/T.
"Pop-Punk/Pop Idol" is a celebration of Harajuku and Shibuya
fashion from the Takenoku-zoku style of the early 80s through
modern Decora, Lolita, and Gyaru-Kei!

At the event they were also supporting "MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project"
Six-percent Dokidoki founder Sebastian Masuda's initiative at
Its not just about Harajuku, its about re-affirming our support for all of Japan,
and its music, fashion, and cultural vitality.

Anyways I was helping Tune in Tokyo with picture snap for the
Project with Cass. And also passing out the “MIGHTY HARAJUKU” button/pin . n__n
I had a wonderful time with everyone~ I even got to meet with Marie Amy !!!
FINALLY!!! lol ....She is super cute and sweet!!! LOVE HER!
For sure we will be kicking it soon! YAY!!!!

Now ~these picture I took it from Marie Amy.... I love her camera!!!! *w*

For more Info on: "MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project"
For more Info on: "Tune in Tokyo"


  1. Sounds like a cool event! I like your outfit. I've been wanting a trucker hat! :D

  2. Omg you girls are so stylish! I envy you for your amazing make-up skills!!!!! Also your hair looks fuckin awesome!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment!!

    Kisses from Barcelona!!! <3

  3. Damn girrrrrl. I love your outfit and the pink blush!! Is that the one from elf??

  4. Love your makeup! So glamorous! ^^

    Looks like a fun event!

  5. You look so damn cool & CUTE! Everyone on these photos dressed fly as hell, looks fun!


  6. >.< thanks for the introduction!

  7. OMG ........ you are sooooo gorgeous and so stylishhh .....!!! I'm jealous .. hahaha good jealous ... ok ¬¬ all of you are amazing <3

  8. You gals are soo cute! And your outfit is soo cool!~ Love it!