Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting ready for GIVEAWAYS!!! ( Woxje first giveaway! )

Hey guys!!!!
Im planning to make my first giveaway soon !!!
Right now, I have 288 followers so far~ Thanks
to everyone ! n___n Hope I'll meet more wonderful
people from this blog soon~
I really want to come up with cool idea for the giveaway.
So... I been thinking alot lately..... I have few ideas in mind.
But you will see when I post it! ;D I need to go to the stores and
start getting the stuff together. I just love giving !!!! *3*
Now ...I want to ask....."What would like to see in the giveaway?"
I want to hear from some of you and what you guys have in mind. n_n
So LET ME KNOW !!!!!! Ill try to come up with something cool~X3

And now Woxje is having her first giveaway Today!!!!
"Sweet vs Rock" such a cute idea right !??
There will be 2 winners.
The deadline for this giveaway will be Sunday 24th of April.
If you want to join this giveaway... better get on it ASAP
before its too late !!!!
For more INFO:
" Woxje "Sweet vs Rock" Giveaway"

Ohh ya~ Something new is on my Blog~ n_n

What IS IT!!!!?????? o___O??
Its on the left side . Look all the way to the left side!!!!
☆♥My fav. Gyaru blog links♥☆
I put my fav. blog on side, so that people
could also enjoy the blogs. n_n
Im not done yet.... but that's what what I have so far~


  1. You got some great gal links! ^^

    And I agree! Rox's giveaway looks so lovely!

  2. みか☆ちゃん
    Thanks honey~! ya I love them need to share!;D

  3. Looking forward to your giveaway, I always like seeing the prizes people thoughtfully pick out ^^

    Oh thank you for adding me to your link list, how honored I am to be amoungst all those wonderful blogs #TT#

  4. Your layout is just so beautiful!!!

    I really liked the banners for other blogs idea, it gave your blog a livedoor's blog feeling!

  5. oh so many pretty blogs, i will have to check them out sometime when i am free >< thank you for sharing! and i am sure whatever you think of for your giveaway will be lovely ^^

  6. I'm looking forward to see your giveaway!! I guess it will be amazing!! *o*
    Thanks for sharing gyaru's links!!! I love reading gyaru's blogs!!!

  7. Thanks for the compliments!

    I'd love to see what you'd have in your giveaway, you've got really great taste! Your fave blogs are great, always looking to read more from other Gyaru <3.

  8. Agree with Sara Mari up there ^

    Thoughtful is best <3

  9. Michi ^-^
    I follow these blogs as well!
    BTW I mentioned you in my blog post.
    there's the link to it, if you'd like to see it

    thanks honey!!!! dont worry about it! I love your blog I had to add it! n__n

    Jade Love
    thanks you so much honey! took me long ass time to fix the blog....>.<

    no worries~ sharing is caring!!!! he he ;3

    I cant wait to post the stuff im going to giveaway!!! >3< thanks dear!

    Strawberry Cupcake
    aww you are such a sweet heart!!! thanks!

    I know!!! I must!!!!!*0*

    aww thanks honey!!! I just added you! n__n