Thursday, April 21, 2011

♬Ⓢpring Cleaning ♪ Ⓢpring break♬

Hey guys!!!!
This week I have my school job off....Cuz of the spring break!!!
So that's why I have time to post a lot more~ n__n
I really don't have a spring break tho~ I been cleaning my room
for the past days~ It takes too long cuz I still work at my other job on
Tue and Wed. And top of that I have sooooooooooooo much shit!
I really want to clean really good so that I could show you my room like
I told you the last time. Sorry I been lagging~ U___U
Hope this week, I would be done with my room so I could show~
Anyways Ill post some stuff I got with in 2weeks.

I buy too much magazine......Yes ,its my crack. lol

Look at my hair... The bright red is fading.....
I will be coloring my hair tomorrow tho !
New hair color tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Can't wait! *w*
Tomorrow me and my friends are having a girls beauty day.
Which we will be doing each other hair cut , waxing, coloring hair
and doing nails... So that should be FUN! n__n

My NEW Choco mimi lens. Review coming soon......


  1. Cute magazines :)!and the fringe boots! I looooooove<3

  2. I wanna Popsister and Popteen mags! Here don t have this magasines T.T

    I love your buys!

  3. I love the chocolate color on you! It looks so wonderful!

    And yes! You have so many magazines * O * I need to go shopping now, I think haha~!! I love all the clothes!

  4. ha! i'm a magazine whore too... i'm surprised though! i thought there would be a lag in you guys getting the new magazines over there, but some of these issues are still on the stands! wow!

  5. Loving t-shirts and your hair :)

  6. You look gorgeous! I have so much crap too. My parents complain because I have so much stuff that I have to keep half of it in the living room in boxes and bags because it doesn't all fit in my room. Meeh.

    I so wish I had friends who loved makeup as much as me so that we could have a girly day like that! I hope you post pics ^_^.

  7. WOOOOOOW cool clothes i love DIA >_____< and the choco mimi lens are gorgeous on you ^^


  8. I really love all your new stuff!
    I'm waiting for my Egg of May yet =.=
    Those lenses look very beautiful on you!

  9. where do you buy your ageha from? also I love those shorts!

  10. soooo coool things !!!
    aww you have the mirror that i want ;_; *sad*

  11. Oh, how is the newest Egg Beauty? I've been buying back issues of Ageha from book off, and Sanseido. Ah, your clothes look so cute! Especially the pastel shorts! I can't wait for the weather to get nicer.

  12. thanks guys for the sweet comment!

  13. I love your blog! What makeup was featured in the first picture? Also, do you remember where you got it from?

    P.S. Please check out my blog if you have time :)