Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My chill weekend.

On Sat. I hanged out with Hiromi and Jeremy and my boyfriend also~
I had so much fun~ We didn't do anything crazy....we just chill.
But it was really fun...When every i kick it with them, they crack me up! XD
Wayyyy too funny..... I could be LOL every min. Really good people. :)
Love hanging out with people that are really cool and chill person.
Im saying this cuz....Some times, hanging out with specific person,
its really hard to have fun with. Like...really awkward to be with.
LOL You get me guys ????? Don't you feel that with some people? Really weird.

LOL..... We were having way too much fun doing purikura as you can see~ ha ha ha

Sorry guys~ U___U
I was busy laughing my ass...couldn't take too may pic...LOL

Putting cash.....Work it Hiromi !!!! I put her to work~ LOL

Me and Hiromi's yummy tea~ I NEED MORE! *O*

Anyways.....Im hella excited for the Tokyo collaboration!
Its its Sunday !!!! And moday i have day off cuz the holiday,
so I'm supper happy!!! YAY!!! But I need to still come up with a cute ass outfit
for that event. Grrrrr....... I need to look at some magazine so i could get some ideas~
How should I look like???? HELP GUYS!!!!! :P

Going to see Taking back Sunday really soon!!!!
My boyfriend bought the tickets so we could go see them!!!!
Awww ~I love my boyfriend so much! *3*

I was going to post what i have bought lately,
but i feel really sleepy so i guess ill post tomorrow...
Too tired to upload . so much work~ LOL


  1. You look totally gorgeous ºAº I love your new hair!! and those purikuras are just so cuteeee

  2. xD You n' Hiromi are adorable. And gah-- your hair colour(s) still looks so lovely~! (Do you have to do touch-ups? Or are you letting the violet fade a bit?)

    Anyway, I've no idea what you should wear. o: But the usual spring-y trends with bright colours/floral patterns is always a win. More in your area, though-- perhaps some very vibrant, spring-y colours for makeup? I dunno'. >.>

    I shall go back to lurking now. Haha.

  3. hey~! now I am following you on blogger too!!
    anyways, cute purikura! if there was purikura machines in miami, I swear I could spend the whole day in one (*^▽^*)

    your hair is awesome, and so are those hello kitty cup holders ♡♡

    nice to meet you, again! (>ω<)

  4. aaaaw, you are awesome!
    I'm in love with your haircolor!!!

  5. oh those purikura are lovelyyy~
    and i know exactly what you mean with feeling awkward with some people, while beeing with others is so much fun!!
    I think maybe its caused those awkward people are acting quite fake, while friends and people who are fun to be with are honest and real!

  6. LOVE the puri hehe
    Sounds like a great weekend :D

  7. you're hair looks so cool!!!! and ur make up... it's lovely!!!! kisses!!

  8. i just love love love it :) you had a very good time nd that goog :) we have to chat again
    xoxo emimarie

  9. Aw I hope you have fun at Tokyo Collab! Sorry I couldn't go with you!! :( <33

    I love your purikura! so cute and funny xDD I always look so weird in my purikura pictures because I'm SOOO tall that I have to like squat down to get in the picture! it's horrible haha!

  10. your purikura is so cool! you guys are too cute~
    i'm sure you'll look great no matter what you wear! don't worry about it too much ^^

  11. Cute purikura pictures!!~ That place to take purikura looks so familiar!~ Is it Cue in Rowland Heights??~ :DD

  12. mimi:
    its the one in the life plaza.... n__n

    aww thanks honey too sweet! >.< Ill try my best to find a nice outfit!!!

    dont worry~ next time for sure! I will be waiting!;D

    EMi MARiE:
    Yes lets talk soon!!! miss ya!

  13. Jade Love: thanks honey !!!

    Aielet: aww thanks kisses too! *3*

    Sami Spoon:it sure was a good weekend....n__n

    エミリー❤: come out to LA il take you, and we could all take puri together!

    ♥ Noxin ♥: im going to keep it light....im just going to touch up a lil tho not too much. n__n

    Nenacho☆:awww so sweet!!! thanks honey!