Tuesday, July 12, 2011

❤ Lovely Birthday ❤

On July 8 was my 26 Birthday~ OMG..... Im like hella old.....
and its not even funny. U__U I wish i was getting younger.
I least I look like 19 or 20 ish....lol Im will be young at heart....Forever YOUNG
DAMN IT!!!! lol.....
On my b-day @ work ,I had all 200 kids from work, sang me a happy birth day song....I never had 200 people singing b-day to me in my life. Omg.....I was hella shy. Doesn't feel lil akward when people singing b-day to u? Feels like it takes too long to finish. After all.....My b-day weekend it was a relaxing B-day.
When out with family and boyfriend for the most of it.......
But this week is going to be with my friends so im pretty excited...*3*
Anyway.... I just like to thank everyone that took their time to wish me a B-day. I feel really happy to see all my comments from FB and twitter. When i saw the b-day comments, it made me warm inside. *3* Thank you sooooo much everyone ,Really~ you guys made my day. :)

Omg this cake was the best !!!!! I need more cake!

lol we look funny here....

Me and Adri about to go dinner.

more b-day sweets.yummy.

They even had a fireworks outside where i had my dinner.
Its was because i had the same b-day as the city of Burbank.
So they had some crazy ass fireworks which was wonderful to see.

Now the fun part ...... my b-day gifts!!!
My man bought me a notebook and alot more other stuff.....
Its super cute and small. Just how i want it. now all
I need to do it Deco the notebook.

Also got me some lashes....... He know what i really want.

I have other gifts but ill post it next time.... n__n


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like your birthday went so nicely and what a haul of gifts! XD yes, somehow as you get older the birthday song gets awkward, but kids enjoy it I think!

  2. Heehee Happy Birthday again, girl ❤ you do look like you're still 20 hahaha ъ(`―^) keep aging gracefully! And 200 kids singing happy birthday to you!! So cuuute~ hope to see you soon dear ❤ I have something for you too (>∇<;)

  3. Happy belated Birthday!! ♥ I'm glad to read you had a great day! ^^
    And yeah I know what you're talking about...I don't want people to sing Happy Birthday for me...It really does feel like it will never end...so embarrassing.

  4. Happy belated Birthday!
    hope you had a nice day!
    and you made some nice pictures!
    i looove your make up! :)

  5. aww happy belated birthday!! ♥ and ikr, it feels so awkward when people sing happy birthday to you XDD

    i love all the presents you got, i'm so jelly of the lashes especially haha!

  6. Happy belated birthday ♥
    Looks like you had a lots of fun and all the people were so cute to sing happy birthday for you *-*

  7. Your presents are AMAZING!! :D
    And your dogs face as it looks at the cake is so funny XD

  8. Glad to hear it was fun! Can't wait to see your notebook deco'd :>

  9. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday :D
    Your gifts were amazing and I am totally jealous haha

  10. Happy birthday I just wish you the best :D
    haha and if you won´t have those gifts anymore just give me wuaah they are amazing haha xD

  11. Cool blog :) And that cake looks yummmeh!

  12. Happy belated birthday to you! :) ♥
    And the cake looks yummy! T_T; Wanna have a piece of it, too.