Monday, July 25, 2011

More B-day gift and more random.... :)

Hey hey...... Sorry busy again....been going out over the place.
But anyways~ I just want to post other gift that i have from my b-day~
Hiromi got me this cute ass gift. really cute item.Very sweet gift. *3*
Oh oh... also my godchild b-day was last weekend.
She just turn 1 yr. She was really cute! It was a Minnie theme.
I let her barrow my minnie ears. :P

Hiromi made me a lovely card.
It was really sweet what she wrote. *W*

And the bad ass gift.

Photo that we took last time and Hiromi and Jeremy put them together
too sweet. And Jeremy took the pic. thanks homieeee! :P

3 of them....... cool huh?

This gift is from my work..... a big ass home made card!

When you open the card.......
All the kids wrote me a lil b-day wishes..... n___n
Look at my dog on the left side..... he didn't want to move.
He wanted to be in the picture

My godchild. my lil girl~
OMG SOOOO FUCK'N CUTE! *3* lol.....

I give her a pink horse. cuz i know i would like to have one
if i was lil. lol.... That was her Fav. gift. So im glad i giver her that.

Her Cake!!!!! soooooooooo yummy~

Sorry not a clear was night time.
I was about to go out.

And the other day, i was cleaning my room, and I found this....
My old ass Japanese backpack when i used to use when i was in
1st grade and 2 end grade. Makes me Miss the old days~ u__u
It even still have my name on it. My mom would but put my name on
EVERYTHING as you can see~ XD lol...

OMG...... I have soo many thing to blog about sooo backed up...
Hope I'm going to have time to post and post pic this week....
I guess that's it for now......I have to go to sleep.....
I have to help out a friend for her photo shoot tomorrow and go to work.
I will be dressing her up,make up and doing hair.
Its going to be a long day, so night night guys! n___n


  1. Awww, what a cute gift from Hiromi!! ♥ And omg your godchild is sooo adorable!! She looks way too precious in that pink outfit plus your Minnie ears!

    Btw, I miss you!! We need to hang out pronto!! xD

  2. Omg that minni mouse outfit is soo freaking cute michi chan :D wow i love it and I love your look ne :D miss skyping with you :(

    xoxo emimarie

  3. Omg that cake...! Glad your godchild had a nice birthday ♥
    && I love your old backpack xDD

  4. i love the gift that hiromi got you! that is so sweet, plus the card and the photo collage is so creative! your niece is so adorable too.. i love that pink horse you gave her, the picture of her on it is soooo cute!!! love that cake too!

    i really like your coordinate! :)

  5. your godchild looks so cute in that outfit~! The present you got her is amazing :D

  6. Mac kitty is awesome!!

    and I am so jealous of your backpack, its so cute XD