Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Behind the scene form the show....

I know most of you saw this Video every where from the other diamond ladies...And like everyone said.. Too bad this is the only quality we have at this moment. Ill try to post a better one if I find one soon. n_n
WE were really lucky that us diamond gyaru-sa featured on RUMORS FROM AROUND THE WORLD~
(NTV) Sekai No Kuchikomi Atsumemashita !!!
That was the secret form the few last blog about Dimond gal sa. This is the big business I was talking about .
This is the video...Its a really funny show~ LOL

I think it was really fun doing the show. I really did had so much fun with the cast and my diamond gals.
Even tho some parts was fake~ LOL But Hey.. what shows are real these days? haha... After all this WE BETTER SEE TUSBASA in AMERICA!!!! I really hope she sees this show so we could really meet her in person~ :P

Oh ya!!! that was my real room by the way~ Story to that was... the director ask us last min that they wanted to film in someones room. Everyone said my room cuz it was the most craziest room with lots of shit...LOL
BUT the day before my room was trashed!!! WAYYYYY tooo messy!!!! So I spend the whole night cleaning like a MAD CRAZY BITCH!!!! lol Didn't sleep till 4am at night~ And top of that I had to wake up at 7:30am for the sho
w. U.U

Just to clear things up!!! LOL

Yes, that was my REAL room.
YES, it was a fake fight we never fight!!!.lol
NO, we don't really go to Yoshinoya. It was r first time going to Yoshinoyo together.haha
XTRA BEEF juice was nasty for me...hate it.
NO, Val is not a bitch like on TV. LOL
We don't really do para~
Mandie is not a diamond member but she is really good friend of ours. n_n
Anyways I decided to make a behind the scene for you guys..
I thought that should be fun to see. n_n

Done with the show. Heading back home talking about sailor moon...Soooo RANDOM~ LOL XD


  1. I watched it and all of you look gorgeous!! You're so pretty!! *o* I'd like to visit your Shibuya!!!! xD

  2. Y'all are so cute *Q*
    And your face expressions are so funny,Michi :D

  3. Argh, I just typed out a long comment then got a dumb blogger error. Anyhow I wanted to say I really love your room, because I love rooms with many interesting things XD

    And the scripted scenes, thats so funny haha. I wonder if the audience in Japan will know that you guys were just acting (I mean I can tell, but from their culture it might seem real XD)

  4. Wow Michi, the video you uploaded is really good! It's well-edited. Thank you so much! ^__^ And I'm so glad you took your own videos because NTV's representation of us wasn't accurate at all. U.U

  5. Nenacho☆
    COME VISIT MY SHIBUYA anytime!!!! LOL so funny~ I didn't even say that at all....XD that's the funny part~

    Gyaru Mika
    Thank you so much for the comment honey!

    It was funny cuz they didn't tell us we had to act in till that day~ most was scripted i guess...XD but it was so much fun acting it out that day so many funny shit happen during the whole time~ A lot of people was looking at us like WTF???? LOL

    Tricia Isabela
    Thanks I tried my hardest!!! *3* ha ha
    Fo real ...wasn't accurate at all~ >.> but it was a fun day over all....LOL good times~

  6. It's so great that you guys got some exposure - too bad the majority was scripted, though. I think it would have been nice for you guys to be exposed in a more accurate manner. I think that having it scripted out pulled away some individuality. 「Not saying that the acting was bad, in fact it was great!」But I think they probably should have found a different way to present you guys. One that didn't involve having you guys act.

    Other than that, I really love love love the behind the scenes video you took!! There was a lot more color and it was less of a "collective group" and more of a bunch of individual gals who want to chill and have fun. I LOVE your diamond signs, hahaha. It's like, GUYS FLASH YOUR GANG SIGN!! ... DIAMONDS!! kirakira~~~~☆ミ What was the song you used for that? It's sooo prettyyyyy ❤

    Oh! and MVP is at Yes Plaza: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mvp-shooters-club-rowland-heights

    ^ The address is in there. They used to have Star Couture in there but it moved over to Season's Plaza.

  7. hey! i actually enjoyed this more than the real video cuz it felt more real! haha, i thought they made you look kinda dumb in the show :(

    and the bit with you girls talking about sailor moon cracked me up! lol.

    you girls all do gyaru so well! i think a lot of gaijin gals, even in japan, don't pull it off so well, haha. if you ever come to Japan, i'd love to hang out! ^_-

  8. LOL @ VAL --> "you know the usual, how much BAHAHAH" HAHAHA you guys crack me up

  9. Totally though your room was a store LOL!
    Like one of those little boutiques, haha~

    Honestly, I liked that para para scene... although it was fake, it was funny~!